Investment Process




Companies use the K Street Capital Google Form to submit an application. 

Pre-screening Committee

The investment team will evaluate applications each month and will reach out for additional information. 




For those selected, K Street willconduct deeper follow up diligence research about the company.


One to two companies will be selected to present to the entire membership each meeting.




Funds are invested through K Street Capital as a single entity. We make our investment decision within one week of the pitch and close within three weeks. 


Once a company joins the K Street Capital portfolio, members catalyze the growth process through their industry expertise, extensive networks, and mentorship.

A Note To Founders:

Click here to schedule a feedback session with our investment team.

Please note that it is free to apply to K Street Capital for investment. However, if you would like to speak with someone on our investment team for the purposes of receiving feedback, there is a $100 fee. We receive hundreds of promising applications every month and cannot guarantee your startup will receive a call back from our team unless we've selected your company for a potential investment. However, you can schedule an appointment with our executive investment team, which will guarantee you a call as well as feedback on your business. We strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment as it will better your chances of receiving funding from K-Street Capital in the future. 

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