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by K street capital /

May 26, 2020


On a Clear Day, CEOs Can See Forever — If They Just Stop and Look

While looking at the leadership of early-stage companies, you may notice an unfortunate trend. In many of these companies, you will likely see that the CEO is running every which way and is rarely as focused as he or she should be.

Imagine that — the CEO, whose primary responsibility is to make the largest of decisions, acting in a way that is counterintuitive to the entire operation. How can such a company expect to be successful if their chief executive officer lacks the focus and directive necessary to lead the company toward real growth?

This is where consultants come in. A good consultant can step into a company and provide some real insight, helping the CEO break through stagnation and work more effectively. Here are some ways in which a skilled consultant can guide a CEO.

Showing the difference between endurance and motivation

In the business world, as well as in other arenas, there are many misconceptions about high-performing individuals. The idea floating around seems to be that certain individuals are endowed with seemingly superhuman endurance and drive, while everyone else is merely trying to keep up. This can be very misleading and downright untrue.

When business is slow, and the excitement has waned, it is not uncommon for a CEO to find that their energy levels and confidence are lagging. They may think, “Maybe I just don’t have the stamina that other leaders do."

What the CEO may not recognize is that this is only a phase -- a phase in which consultants are acutely familiar. Consultants can help the CEO stay grounded and focused during such stagnating periods. Depending on the severity of the stagnation, this may indeed save the entire company.

Saving them from their boredom

No matter how exciting the project is, you will eventually feel boredom begin to creep in. This is often inevitable when working on any long-term project or job.

Consultants offer a fresh perspective and breathe new life into a company, re-energizing those who may have become bored. Such bouts of boredom can have a domino effect down from the top and have, at times, led to the ruin of many companies.

If the consultant can keep the CEO from boredom, then they are inadvertently affecting the motivation of the entire company’s workforce.

Providing a vision for the future

Another way the consultant can help the CEO or the entire company, in general, is to provide an outside perspective and a glimpse of a potential future.

CEOs are usually so wrapped up in the day-to-day operations of the company that they may lose their vision for the future. Their roadmap may have been lost due to the stress placed on them from such a massive undertaking.

By having a more detached and objective view, a consultant can see things that the CEO cannot. They can re-energize the CEO by showing him or her a new vision for the future and what’s actually possible.

Consultants can assist CEOs in many ways. For this reason, they are indispensable to the operation of any company. Their outside perspective can freshen things up and break the monotony of daily operations. If you are a CEO and you feel as if you may need a fresh perspective or a little jolt to move you along, do not hesitate to hire a consultant. It just may be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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